Utility Supply Group has multiple products for electrical, water and gas metering for your facility. These products can help you better manage your utility usage and recoup costs from your tenants. These devices are for sub-metering park use only. Always confirm sub-metering is allowed in your area.

We carry Electric Meters, Solid State Electrical Meters (SSEM), A Base Conversion Kits, Meter sockets, Socket Kits, Portable Metering Kits, Meter Rings, Meter seals, meter covers, as well as natural gas meters & regulators, water meters (gallons & cubic feet).

The RV and RV park circuit testers provide RV owners and park owners the tool to verify proper wiring is in place. It can also monitor voltage and provide surge protection to the RV. Available in 30 amp or 50 amp.

More information on remote read meter systems coming soon.