Site Circuit Tester

Would you want to protect yourself from thousands of dollars of damage to your RV appliances and electrical systems for a minimal cost?

Your RV is your second most expensive asset. All it takes is one voltage surge and your unprotected RV is in the shop with thousands of dollars of damage to your: RV's appliances, Converters and any other electronics that have a circuit board.

It’s like having an insurance policy on your RV…

Site Circuit Testers provide basic protection for your RV's electrical systems from power surges caused by: lightning strikes on nearby power lines, inconsistent power from your RV Site, and Overloaded campsite electrical systems

Our line of Site Circuit Testers are readily available and competitively priced.

*These devices only provide basic protection to your RV. Damage from prolonged exposure to high or low voltage situations can not be prevented by using a surge protector.