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Manufactured Home Pedestals 

MFD Home Pedestals

M101CP6 - Midwest 100 Amp Manufactured Home Pedestal
Manufactured Housing / 100 Amp
M281C1B6H - Midwest 200 Amp Manufactured Home Back to Back- Ring Style
Manufactured Housing / 200 Amp
CB2100H - Midwest 100 Amp Manufactured Home Main Breaker
Manufactured Housing / Breakers

4-0 Aluminum Triplex - Monmouth

  Utility Supply Group has many complete lines of Electrical Service Entrance products for the
  • Manufactured Home
  • Mobile Home
  • Land Lease
communities. These products include pedestals, surface mounted boxes, replacement parts, wire and other accessories for the electrical connection to the manufactured home.

 We also have all your needs in sub-metering utilities to the homes in your community.  From electric, water and gas meters to the technology to remotely read those meters, we can get you up and running in sub-metering utilities.

RV Park Pedestals and Boxes Utility Replacement Parts Small and Large Frame Breakers Electric and Water Meters Utility Accessories
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